Alessio Della Motta

Open Source Projects

Redux DDD
Redux bindings inspired by Domain Driven Design principles.
Don't test twice again! Java-agent based testing meta-framework that allows to execute only the tests affected by the latest codebase changes. It can save you some time if you have many tests to execute.
Dynamic Geode Warping
DevPost Geode Hackathon winner. In-memory grid time-series analysis system.
CloudBrain is an open-source platform for wearable data analytics. My contributions were focusing on real-time data-streaming server, in the initial phase of the project. I'm proud to have collaborated with such an amazing group of people!
I'm an advocate of the right mean between convergent and divergent thinking. This tools aims to help just a little in divergent thinking. Plus it was fun to write!
A very simple Brainf*ck interpreter.
Secure Debate
Simple academic project for showing how to create a secure multi-chat client-server application with PKI mutual authentication.
Three-frame-difference algorithm for video change detection.

Other Works

Master Thesis Publication
R. Vaisenberg, A. Della Motta, S. Mehrotra, D. Ramanan. "Scheduling Sensors for Monitoring Sentient Spaces using an Approximate POMDP Policy" Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PMC). Nov 2013.
Study and explanation of OAEP (RSA Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding)
Gram-based queries
A study about the paper: Cost-Based Variable-Length-Gram Selection for String Collections to Support Approximate Queries Efficiently (Xiaochun Yang, Bin Wang, Chen Li). I explain it for a non-technical audience.

About Me

I grew up in Cesenatico and San Piero in Bagno, two lovely small towns in Italy in the Romagna region. For the reason above, piadina and crescioni are first on my list of favorite foods! I'm also so grateful to my grandparents for teaching me "romagnolo", another language in the beautiful variety of Italian dialects.

Besides playing soccer and playing the guitar in a rock-band (one of the most amazing and intense experiences of my life), I have always had a strong passion for science. That's why I attended the Liceo A. Righi in Cesena, a course of studies with a strong emphasis on the sciences, graduating in July 2004 (100/100). Thanks to my teachers, I now love physics and I had the chance to get closer to philosophy - even if not as much as I would have liked.

I was lucky enough to be exposed to computers and technology since I was a child, and my dad and mom fostered my curiosity. Following that passion, I graduated with honors in 2010 in computer engineering (MS) at the University of Bologna. I prepared my master thesis at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).

Recently I've gotten interested in machine learning and its principles. The Geoffrey Hinton course on Coursera brought my attention to neural networks and deep learning. I think new disruptive approaches may easily come in the near future.
I've recently started playing the grand piano, which is revitalizing my passion for classical music.

Currently I work as a software engineer in San Francisco, a city I fell in love with since the moment I breathed its chilly wind.